What I Teach: Workshops & Events

amyI am very excited to be offering even MORE workshops in 2016. From superfoods to spa night to essential oils classes, the workshops I teach are a smorgasbord and melting pot of everything that I’m passionate about. Please reach out to me at kate.lamie@gmail.com if you are interested in hosting a class at your business! Please visit my bio page to read more about the various certifications I have. 

The Sugar Blues Workshop: (90 mins)

I am DEEPLY passionate about helping people slowly steer their diet away from consuming less refined sugar. WHY? Because conquering my own sugar cravings has been a tough and intense journey for me over the past 10 years, and I learned a lot things the hard way. My love of all things sugar was effecting everything from the health of my gut to my sense of emotional balance. In this workshop we will cover,

  • Tools and tips for overcoming sugar cravings
  • Sugar alternatives to stock in your pantry (and foods to avoid)
  • Step by step strategies to slowly reduce your sugar intake
  • How sugar sabotages your body chemistry and prevents weight loss

Supercharge your Diet with Superfoods: (90 mins)

Class A: [covering chia seeds, goji berries, cacao and acai]

In this workshop we will discuss some of the most nutrient-dense foods available on the planet, superfoods! We’ll cover ways to incorporate chia seeds, goji berries, cacao and acai into your diet and their various health benefits. Come and learn about how superfoods can help curb cravings and provide your body with an astonishing amount of health benefits.

Class B: [covering turmeric, flaxseed, hemp, maca and lucuma]

Very similar to the above class, but this workshop covers various ways to incorporate flaxseed, hemp, maca and lucuma into your diet. We also focus on some options for superfood protein powders. Students learn about how superfoods can help curb cravings, increase immunity and provide plant-based protein.

Both of the superfood workshops include:

  • Tips for how to purchase the superfoods covered in class
  • Select single-size superfood samples, thanks to my friends at Navitas Naturals
  • Depending on the location, samples of superfood snacks

Gratitude Yoga Flow & Meditation Class AND Teen Spa Night Yoga Classes:

These workshops have been co-taught with Kid’s Yoga Teacher Sharon from Here Comes the Sun Yoga.

Gratitude Classes feature a special Gratitude Meditation, take home tips for infusing gratitude into your everyday life and more.

Teen Spa Night classes (in addition to a yoga practice) have included but are not limited to: essential oil blends, face masks, incense, spa water, affirmation card activities and so on.

Introduction to E.F.T. Tapping:

E.F.T, otherwise known as a Emotional Freedom Technique, is a powerful tool for shifting habits, conquering fears and rising up to our best self. It can be used for everything from teeth grinding to weight loss goals. I’ve been using E.F.T. with my one-on-one coaching clients for years now and  have seen firsthand its adaptability AND effectiveness. In this workshop we will cover,

  • What is: EFT?, What is a meridian?
  • How tapping addresses the amygdala, the body’s “smoke detector” for stress
  • Data and research highlighting EFT’s effectiveness
  • Breaking down a positive round vs. a negative round and why they are both so effective
  • Links to my favorite online resources for finding tapping scripts


Introduction to Essential Oils & DIY Herbal Tub Tea!

I’ll be teaching this class in May and more details on the outline will be posted soon.


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