Be a Health Coach and My IIN Top 10

Deciding to enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition was a big decision for me. In one of my more gutsy moves, I enrolled in the program a few weeks after I was laid off from my job. Here’s how it happened: I was booking babysitting jobs and yoga classes like crazy to make some extra income but I was feeling SUPER drawn to IIN. It kept coming up in conversations with neighbors, family friends, blogger pals, and I would sigh and think, “Shoot, I can’t keep ignoring this.”

The clincher: I went to meet with a new babysitting family and the mom mentioned a package she was expecting that afternoon. The doorbell rang soon thereafter and she walked in holding her new student materials box from IIN. She offered to open it up while I was there since she knew I was possibly interested – the Universe was giving me clear instructions. I went home and signed up that afternoon!

My Top Ten Reasons why IIN was right for me

1.) IIN respects both primary food and secondary food. Primary food is the physical, tangible food we eat, but secondary food is the environment in our workplace, the relationships we have with friends and family and so on. Addressing secondary food was one of the key ways I was able to deal with my anxiety, IBS and food sensitivity problems.

2.) IIN can all be done from the web and computer. I knew that traveling to New York City on a consistent basis wasn’t in the budget in addition to tuition so this was an important piece for me.

3.) IIN offers several manageable tuition payment plans.

4.) IIN believes in bio-individuality. This means that each person’s body depending on their heritage, disposition, blood type, ayuervedic dosha and so on has an optimum level of functioning that’s unique to them. There’s no one size fits all solution. We shouldn’t all be vegan, or gluten free, or vegetarian or raw. Our bodies are built in beautifully different ways.

5.) IIN teaches you how to market yourself in addition to teaching you about dietary theories and nutrition. It doesn’t matter how much you know about health if you don’t have guidance and resources about putting together business cards, a website, newsletters, workshops and lectures.

6.) IIN builds community between its students and graduates. Meeting like-minded, inspiring and motivated people is a big goal of mine and I knew IIN was going to help make this happen.

7.) The “lectures” didn’t feel like school work. I found the content exciting, innovative and extremely relevant.

8.) IIN introduces you to successful students throughout the modules so you see success stories in action. Jenny Sansouci and Elizabeth Rider were (and are!) particularly inspiring to me.

9.) Part of the curriculum includes watching coaching sessions with Joshua Rosenthal so you’re are able to see a master at work and get an idea of what a session will look and feel like when you begin to coach.

10.) IIN is innovative and invested in the future of its students. Its ambassador program for graduates is well thought, organized and a clear sign that the school is strategically harnessing the power of its brightest, most invested coaches.

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Some resources from IIN below:


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