It has been awhile since I’ve posted on the blog, and here’s why: I’ve learned I can’t grow in all directions at once. A couple years ago I would’ve felt guilt or lazy for not getting content up here and being consistent. Now, I feel completely free of that heavy weight. I respect that I’ve prioritized other things. I’ve stopped writing out of obligation or a commitment and have instead decided I will write when I felt like it because it’s important to feel good too.

Here are ten of my current healthy habits I’m embracing this summer. I hope they serve as inspiration for your own good health !

1.) Visiting the Farmer’s Market on Saturday each chance that I get. Eating with the seasons makes me feel connected to the earth and inspires me to up my focus on veggies and fruits. Lately, it has been watermelon for dessert for me, and I am eating zucchini pasta at least once a week.

2.) Long walks outside. Living in New England, I am very appreciative of the warmer weather and the chance to be outside without layers upon layers of clothing. Summer is a precious time of year here for sure.

3.) Vacations, vacations ! I have long struggled with patterns where I overwork myself and deprive myself of taking time off and stepping away from my j-o-b. This year, I have been working (get it, always working) to focus on visiting new places, prioritizing time with friends and making sure I soak up the summer season as much as I can.

4.) Picking fresh fruit! So far this year, I have gone strawberry picking, but I am looking forward to also going peach picking and blueberry picking. I always feel incredibly grounded and grateful to nature when I do this!

5.) Summer beach reads. That’s right. I’m not talking about scholarly writing or SAT vocabulary words. I’m talking about books that are just plain fun to read and allow your brain to read for the fun of it. I am guilty of almost always reading non-fiction so I can learn, learn, learn but sometimes you need a break! Right now, I am reading ‘The Taming of the Queen‘ by Philippa Gregory.

6.) SWEAT ! Sweating is such a great benefit to our lymphatic system and I find when I’ve been working out with my regular yoga/pilates moves that I am sweating a lot more due to the warmer temperatures. Sweating is such a wonderful way to help your body release toxins.

7.) High-qualty sunscreens Gone are my Coppertone days, and I’m very conscientious about the ingredients that are in the sunscreens I use nowadays. There’s a lot of junky chemical lurking in many sunscreens so do your research !

8.) Grow something. Maybe an herb garden? Or a veggie garden? Or a tomato plant?