Hey All! Just checking in, and passing along the stuff that has inspired me, made me laugh and made me THINK the past couple of weeks.

1.) First I am a big believer in how you do one thing is how you do everything. And the below quote is REALLY coming up in both my work and personal projects right now. It’s one of Jim Rohn’s basic principles for success…

You cannot be successful in the long run, being 10 miles wide and an inch deep. There are a handful of things that are important enough to account for the greatest impact.” Read more here.

2.) I’m getting more into drinking Turmeric Milk before bed. It’s fantastic for inflammation. There are a ton of recipes online, and I like using this powder. GOOP posted a recipe recently too.

3.) I am a virgo and I am obsessed with calendars. This passion planner looks FANTASTIC.

4.) Listening to: Kiss Me (Ed Sheeran) and a guided muscle relaxation tape before I fall asleep because I REALLY want to stop grinding my teeth.

5.) Totally hooked on embroidering & very grateful for the resources on Creative Bug. My latest project is up on Instagram here.

6.) Watching: Downton Abbey, New Girl, Billions and Silver Linings Playbook. There is something so mesmerizing about the way the two characters in SLP own their flaws and their crazy and don’t apologize for them. I love it.

7.) Eating/Drinking: The fancy pants New Barn organic almond milk.

8.) Following: Wanderlust Stratton tickets go on sale Tuesday this upcoming week, 2/9.

9.) Reading: Do Your Om Thing. EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT! And Kripalu’s Spring 2016 Catalogue. I marked programs by Kathryn Budig, Guru Jagat, Gabrielle Bernstein and a creating malas workshop.

10.) Coming Up: Bone Broth Cooking Class, Somerville Farmers Market and very interested in going to Lake Street Dive’s show in Boston in March.