As a follow up to my E.F.T. workshop this weekend, I am posting ten links to totally AWESOME E.F.T. tapping resources. Keep in mind tapping can be done on pretty much anything – emotions like anger and jealousy, manifesting epic stuff, food cravings, romance, money and so on.

Overall the two best resources for pre-written scripts in my opinion are Brad Yates’ YouTube channel (linked below) and Margaret Lynch’s blog/email newsletter. She has videos as well on YouTube, but not to the same extent.

My biggest reminder about tapping is this: Once you speak out loud a big, scary, yucky FEAR and tap on it in a negative round you have automatically taken away its power and felt what it feels like to replace that fear with a better thought. It’s the BEST!

Image from becoming

Image from becoming

Enjoy & happy tapping!!

1.) What is EFT? The Tapping Solution site is chock full of info. If you still think it’s way too weird, your brain says otherwise. And you can see the research.

2.) If you love sugar as much as I do – this ‘how to end sugar cravings with EFT‘ demo from Gabby Bernstein hits the nail on the head.

3.) You really want to feel like something wonderful is about to happen! #lawofattraction

4.) You feel guilty relaxing? Me too. Try this one.

5.) Extreme Self-Care guru Cheryl Richardson put this intro video for anxiety tapping together.

6.) Pain is a sticky one. I like this one from Gabby Bernstein and I LOVE this one from Nick Ortner.

7.) You’re Jealous? Do this script.

8.) Brad Yates’ YouTube channel has a TON of content. How about this one for allowing great things?

9.) Here is the link to Nick Ortner’s Wanderlust Speakeasy talk which I played a portion of in class.

10.) You like podcasts? Give this one a shot.