OF COURSE, I think some of the gift ideas are pretty sah-weet that I’m linking to here. I dig supporting local makers and the creative people in my local area. But more importantly, I think giving of your time and being of service is the best gift you can give AND receive (especially this time of year).

1.) THIS IS A TRICK ONE. Your presence is and will always be the best present to anyone around you. And now I will bring up something you do not want to think about: your cell phone. Just be aware of it and how much it distracts you from being in the present. Be open to have a couple days off technology or greatly reducing your tendency to check your phone – and be on your phone. If you need a break from your family (I GET IT) take a walk outside or something along those lines. Trust me, this is a hard one for me, but I think it’s worth mentioning.

2.) MOON PHASE SHELVES – STONE & VIOLET. If you are a keeper of crystals, or intentions, or have been looking to find something to house some of your meaningful dreams this is worth checking out.

3.) Socks to make you happy during the winter  – SOLMATE SOCKS. Listen, in New England it’s dark and it’s cold for what feels like a long, long time. It is basically essential to find ways to add some color, personality and WARMTH. These hit all the bases for me.

4.) The best face wash in the WORLD. OM BOTANICAL. I discovered this at the Natural Living Expo two years ago and I won’t use anything else. It’s priced relatively reasonably and is now available on Amazon for the Prime people!

5.) For the doing it all gals, this book will REALLY challenge you to think about valuing yourself and not over giving. THE EXTREME ART OF SELF CARE. The Let Me Disappoint You was particularly powerful for me.

6.) One more book. So you want to start a business? ENOUGH ALREADY: Create Success on Your Own Terms. Mike’s a genius and a friend, and I feel pretty darn lucky to be close to his magic so often.

7.) Any piece of artwork from Melissa Harris. I can’t tell you how much her stuff inspires me. Including the mermaid photo you see above that’s now framed in my room. I’m seriously considering her Gifts of Winter creativity course.

Top Three

1.) Last week graduated from my aromatherapy training at Boston School of Herbal Studies and I’m currently weighing whether or not I want to do level 2. It’s been a really fascinating experience and is really making clear to me how intimately we are connected to our sense of smell. I run a diffuser every night in my room while I fall asleep now, and I LOVE it.

2.) I”m listening to (if you have Spotify you already know haha)….”What’s wrong with being confident?” / Santa Tell Me / Holding on for Life / By The Way

3.) Very excited to over to the SOWA Holiday Market on Sunday this weekend. Check it out!