This past weekend I attended a day-long self care workshop with my mom that was led by my super-amazing friend and IIN grad Cathy Zolner and her partner Amy Matias. When we arrived we were given a journal, handouts and a copy of Cheryl Richardson’s book “The Art of Extreme Self-Care.”

I think self care is ridiculously important, but the minute someone tells me to practice extreme self care I can immediately feel some pretty strong push back. Who has TIME for extreme self care? (The answer: we all do if we want it bad enough.) Who can AFFORD extreme self care? (The answer: anyone. spending tons of money is not a prerequisite). In short, it makes me uncomfortable to think about getting to a place where I’m taking incredible care of myself. And I know I’m not alone.

Extreme self care can be as simple as shutting your cell phone off after a long day and getting some much needed alone time. It can also be as glamorous as booking a long weekend with your girlfriends at the beach. It’s fascinating to me that we all crave somewhat different versions of self care and each have our own working definition of what extreme self care looks like for us.

My mom, for example, craves laughter. I, on the other hand, crave community. So be open to listening to exactly what it is you want and knowing that it doesn’t need to look like what everyone else desires.

If you are the type of person that feels that self care is indulgent, like I mentioned above, I encourage you to think back to some times where you’ve given so much of yourself that you’ve wound up sick, or felt “broken down” or simply frantic and panicked. If you give, and give, and give, eventually resentment builds up and it’s easy for our bodies to break down.

The best news ever? You’re in control of how much self care you prioritize. And simple switches make a HUGE difference.

Top three:

1.) I made this delicious! carrot soup in my Vitamix for my mom’s birthday last week. Whoa. So creamy and warming!

2.) I’m very excited to listen to this podcast on School of Greatness on my drive into my “new” job this week. Matthew’s interview with Lewis on his website was super thought provoking and outed me personally on one of the things I’d love to have the courage to let go of.

3.) In the past three weeks, I’ve been gifted about 10 workbooks/notebooks. It’s almost eerie how many “signs” seem to be pointing in the direction of me needing to write more. Whoa!