Maca has a big story to tell. In a way, it’s an agricultural wonder because it grows in Peru’s high altitude mountains (up to 14,000 feet). Picture rocky and barren landscapes with intense sun exposure and wild winds.

Maca certainly has a long and rich history with its native country of Peru. Thousands of years ago Incan warriors would take maca for strength and endurance. With a powerful legacy like this it’s no wonder that Peru reveres maca and even holds an agreement with the United Nations that they alone source maca for the world.

Here’s how I became hooked on devouring as much information as I could about maca. I listened to a podcast a few months ago about a woman who was able to get pregnant after taking maca (in addition to lots of other changes), even though doctors had all but promised her she would probably never conceive again. While visiting Peru she saw first-hand how maca is steeping in health benefits.

Here are five fast facts I want to share about maca:

  1. Maca is an adaptogen which means it helps nourish our endocrine system (which manages that delicate dance to keep our hormones in balance). If you are someone who has struggled with adrenal fatigue or deals with a lot of stress-related health issues maca is definitely worth looking into. *Only 1 in 4,000 plants is considered to be an adaptogen.*
  2. Maca is said to be an aphrodisiac. Enough stress can shut off or slow down our sex hormones so this makes a LOT of sense.
  3. Anxious? Maca has been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety and depression.
  4. If you buy maca, make sure it’s sourced from Peru and not coming from China. Read this for the whole scoop. I get mine from Navitas Naturals!
  5. Maca is from the cruciferous family (oh hey cauliflower and broccoli!) but in this instance you are actually consuming the root or tubers of the plant…not the leaves or stalks. In terms of food energetics, talk about GROUNDING.

This Saturday Oct 17th I’ll be teaching another Superfoods Workshop at The Organic Angel from 12-1:30pm. I’m covering MACA<FLAX<HEMP<LUCUMA>TUMERIC. Delicious treats will be served!