About a year ago, I decided in my very left brain way that the inkling I had to learn more about essential oils was ridiculous. Another hippie habit. Another thing to spend money. on Sigh. That’s silly. I decided to take these thoughts and shove them in the back corner of my brain: Please pretend that you do not want that Katie, okay? I ignored it. I did, I would say, a pretty mediocre job ignoring it.

This helped dissuade me: I got a little A LOT turned off from the whole multi-leving marketing thing with Young Living and doTerra. It just isn’t my jam. And so I learned that I didn’t want to sell oils…I just felt like there was this super feminine part of me that needed to be handling these really beautiful, majestic and enchanting oils. That’s it. Pure feminine potential pulled me in.

[Masculine energy DOES, and is DOING and achieving and accomplishing. Feminine energy is in sitting back and allowing and receiving and honoring yourself and your body. I have a whole lot of masculine energy in my life, and I was craving balance.]

Back to the ignoring. I really did just wish the oils would go away. Except family members started asking me about them? Weird? And then I had to book an event at work with a major essential oil company. Double weird. This continued on, little nudges that I tried to pretend were not LITTLE NUDGES.

And then I listened to “How to Build a Business and a Life You Love with Marie Forleo” on the School of Greatness podcast. Marie gave an insanely powerful example for me. She talked about how she had worked her way to the top by following her gut when it came to taking roundabouts and pursuing her passions. She could’ve worked her way to the top of the coaching world far sooner than she did – except she wanted in an insanely big way to teach dancing. And man, did she succeed in the dance world. Here is the point, big, crazy, awesome success is so far from linear that it’s HILARIOUS. It has so many ups and downs and “successes” and “failures” mixed in that it’s laughable. (P.S. Marie talks about cleaning toilets in this interview too – so that she never felt DESPERATE for a client.)

So I’m asking you this, what do you want to do? What call do you keep hearing that you’re trying to switch on to mute and move on? Do it. Do it without it needing to be something that’s HUGE and massively successful. Maybe, just maybe it’ll be the thing that unlocks a part of you that’s ready to bring something magical into the world.

1.) I am now getting addicted to the Emerging Women podcast. You can blame my insanely long commutes on my podcast obsession.

2.) I refuse to eat a salad with store bought dressing lately. I don’t know when I became a salad snob, but it’s a real pattern at this point. 1TBSP apple cider vinegar, 1 TBSP champagne vinegar, 1 TBSP dijon mustard, 1/4 tsp salt, little bit of shallot (let marinate…) and then olive oil to taste, about 3/4 TBSP

3.) A reminder: never make a decision based off of fear.