Being inspired to move fearlessly forward and create can be a tricky thing. I have found that I am a great deal more inspired when I leave blank space in my day and don’t try to pack my schedule too tight. I love to do, do, do, and multi task whenever possible but it leaves me feeling drained and depleted. We are human beings. I often get caught up in being a human “doer.”

I don’t like typing this, and I certainly don’t like admitting it. Multi tasking is, in a way, the enemy of mindfulness and creativity. I find that in my day job I am constantly trying to “speed things up” and get more than one thing done at a time. The result is often that I start two things at once and feel pulled in too many directions instead of just focusing on the task at hand. I also hate admitting this, BUT I doubt either one actually gets finished any faster.

On the other hand, in non-work environments, I also have a tendency to occasionally get OVER inspired. This looks awesome! That looks amazing. I’m doing this, and that, and this. Oh, and also I’m now exhausted. Ha ha. Right now this sounds like… I AM absolutely planning this teen yoga workshop and retreat. I am going to Kundalini Yoga Boston more. Maybe I should get my yin yoga teaching certification? When will my essential oils training end? What day will my next meditation class be? HA. All of those things jumbled together and done without purpose and clarity can start to feel like a burden instead of fun SUPER FAST. So instead of feeling like a creative powerhouse I feel like I’ve got nothing left to give (which is NOT the truth!).

Feeling creative and inspired to put something together and package an idea or a teach a concept in a NEW way is one of the states that makes me most HAPPY. I love creating something from nothing (like writing this blog post). I also love a chance to put my own little stamp on it and give it a touch of my personality. But you have to listen, to this subtle, delicate voice inside you that knows where your current balance point is. It is different every day what joyful, positive inspiration feels like. Some days enough is too much and the other way around.

Three things

1.) I have been listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s new podcast “Magic Lessons.” It’s based on her book “Big Magic” and the concept of creative living without fear. It’s kind of crazy how much fear stops us from pursuing that which we are BEST at and hungry for.

2.) Spoil yourself a little. You deserve it. (Just sayin).

3.) OK- I actually AM teaching a teen yoga and spa night workshop soon at Solstice Power Yoga. I actually just finished my brainstorm, brain dump for the outline and sent it off to my friend.