As I’ve been researching gratitude over the past few months, there is one quote in particular that jumps out to me and rearranges why GRATITUDE is so important.



This quote is taken from a small book Melody Beattie wrote titled, “Gratitude: Affirming the Good Things in Life.” I’ve heard her name for years and am familiar with her book “Journey to the Heart,” but this pocket-size one really touched me. She writes about tangible examples in her own life, in particular purchasing a home that felt dingy and nowhere near what she truly desired.

She talks about the mental shift she executed one day, after growing tired of lamenting about how this house just wasn’t ENOUGH. And of course, once she made peace with the state of the house and work that she wanted to put into it, everything shifted around her. She was resourceful and open-minded about how to turn what she had into enough and soon it grew to be much more.

We are all confronted with scenarios daily where we feel like backed into a corner without “enough.” We crave a bigger this, a better that and so on and so fourth. We stand knee deep in blessings pointing to all the things we wish we had.

What my research has taught me about gratitude though is that it’s a practice we must commit to. The more we train our brains to look for things to be grateful for, the more our brain seeks out those experiences. We begin to notice and register all that WORKS in our life already. From there, your capacity to call in more is a whole lot stronger.

Three things:

1.) I learned of Sally Hogstead’s work through my School of Greatness podcasts, and this article with 12 Instant Inspirations is a good one. 100% yourself > 100% perfect.

2.) I’m really into Teeki yoga pants lately. They’re light, stretchy and made from recycle water bottles. How cool! If you sign up for their mailing list, they send out periodic discounts and promo codes too.

3.) I am excited to be attending the Fall Fest at the ashram in Millis. Really enjoying learning more about kundalini yoga!