For a very long time I desperately craved a solution to my chronic digestion issues. I went to doctor after doctor, and for the most part strongly resisted the stress management techniques they would recommend. I had no interest in trying yoga or meditation (which seems hysterical since I now teach both), and I simply believed the doctors were overlooking the issue at hand: I WAS SICK.

I grew frustrated (and alternatively terrified) that doctors seemed to be implying that my symptoms were all in my head, and that stress was the primary issue I was dealing with.

As you can tell from my last post about pain, the connection between our mental state and our symptoms is something that I have been continually exploring. Today I absolutely believe there is a connection.

I don’t look back at those days and think geez it really was all in my head. I think about how I only wanted to acknowledge or look at one very small part of the problem.

Today, through healing many of my own health issues and supporting clients through their own I have seen first hand the power of what my health coaching school IIN refers to as Primary Food. Think of your health as a wheel, flowing in a circular motion, and needing to have balance amongst the categories below to move forward.

I can tell you now that part of why my health fell apart was that I hadn’t created positive habits around education, home cooking, creativity and joy.


Here’s another way of thinking about it from the IIN blog that really resonated with me.

Please think back to a time when you were passionately in love. Everything was exciting. Colors were vibrant. Intimacy was magical. Your lover’s touch and feelings of exhilaration sustained you. You were floating on air, gazing into each other’s eyes. You forgot about food and were high on life. Remember when, as a child, you were playing outside, having fun? Suddenly, your mother announced dinner was ready, but you were not hungry at all. The passion of play took all your attention. Sometimes we are fed not by food but by the energy in our lives. These moments and feelings demonstrate that everything is food.

Today I look back on those doctor appointments and I understand very clearly why they were quick to point out to my worrier disposition and connect its relationship to my gut issues. If you have struggled with gut issues and want more info on this concept, check out The Second Brain. It’s a little heavy on science speak, but it will help cement the concept for you.

Lastly, I am teaching my first workshop on gratitude in September which is amazing because I love teaching new topics for the first time. I collect all my favorite pieces on info from IIN on the topic, all my favorite books, blogs, meditations, mudras (etc!) and then craft a workshop that connects the dots between these tools in ways I haven’t seen done before. It’s so FUN! Gratitude isn’t pictured on the wheel above, but it is a PIVOTAL tool to stay EMPOWERED and keep your mind + body in a healing head space.

Three Things:

1.) Eating with the seasons: Are zucchinis and tomatoes making appearances on your plate right now? I was gifted my first birthday present today from a fellow health coach and dear friend: CLEAN FOOD: A Seasonal Guide to Eating Close to Source.

2.) I am gearing up for a quick weekend trip in to Baltimore to FloYo and adventure with my friend Jessie, the founder and GIRL BOSS.

3.) I am going to this day-long Self Care Retreat in October taught by friend who gave me gift in #1 hehe. If you want good stuff to show up in your life, take AMAZING care of yo self!