Yesterday I had a friend come to visit from out of town who had spent the day doing big city things like Faneuil Hall and the new Boston Public Market. When I picked her up and drove her out of the city, I immediately knew where I wanted to take her: PEACH PICKING. I’d only ever visited Belkin Lookout Farm in the fall for apple picking, but there are definitely some bonuses to visiting over the summer.

It feels less touristy and BUSY BUSY and far more peaceful. I’ll certainly go to pick apples in the fall – but it was really wonderful to be there and have it feel so QUIET. It was more intimate and I definitely felt closer to nature and more grounding.

During my training at IIN, one of the concepts that the program really hammered home was the simplicity of committing to eat in season. Whenever I get the chance to go to a farm and pick fresh food grown just a few short miles from where I live I understand on an even bigger level the power of eating in season. The flavor (the nutrients) and the overall quality cannot be beat.

Lastly, there are a lot of reviews online about the fact that Belkin charges both an admission fee AND charges to pay for your apples/u-pick items. Let me be clear: It is not cheap. And this is my challenge, what if we stopped worrying so much about our food being “cheap” and worried more about its quality, freshness and the way the farmers were treated who grew and nurtured it? It is a far, far cry from 99 cent mac and cheese, but I believe we owe farms some major support because the odds can be so stacked against them.

Recipes peach picks: End of Summer Peach Apple Cobbler / Peaches and Cream Smoothie / Paleo Grain-Free Peach Crisp / Vegan & Paleo Easy Peach Crisp

Some details:

You can see what Belkin Farm is up to on their Twitter or Facebook page. If you’re into hard cider, Belkin has a new bar on site that’s definitely worth trying out.

Three things:

1.) I’m heading out to Kripalu later this morning to see Gabby. This brings back many memories from four years ago when I first went to see her, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to focus on my goals and connect with like-minded people.

2.) I committed to reading some fun fiction books this summer and really enjoying these two: Leaving Time and Delicious! 

3.) I made this raw, vegan chocolate cake for a birthday at work this week, and highly recommend it! (Superfoods!)