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We all know the frustration of plans falling apart.

A plan that I have been looking forward to, and leaning into, for nearly six months dissipated in front of me a week ago. It was heartbreaking. I had built the foundation of so many other fresh starts and new adventures on the back of this plan. And I had worked for this, and researched and networked and done every possible thing I could think of to help make it happen. Mentally and emotionally I had spent months standing on the edge of a cliff SHOUTING, “I want this. I’m ready.”

It didn’t happen.

To say I was crushed would be an understatement. To be honest, I still almost don’t believe it. It feels surreal.

Right now, I have no idea what I want. I can’t even begin to dream a different dream yet – and that’s okay. The space between dreams, and the shifting of goals and desires is just a important as the moment when they come to life. I believe so wholeheartedly that if my plan didn’t come together it wasn’t supposed to, and something better is supposed to come along.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t sting and ache, and I’m completely willing to let myself feel all those emotions so I can let them go. As my friend Mike always reminds me, honor but don’t dwell. I honor that plan and the hope and joy and excitement it gave me to have something I was looking forward to.

When the time is right I’ll welcome something even better.

1.) I am officially signed up to be at Kripalu the weekend of August 7th for Amplify your Intuition. I also had my eye on REVEAL, but I’ll have to do that to my list for next year.

2.) I have been taking epsom salt baths every night. I am addicted! A great way to shake negative energy and take good care of yourself.

3.) Very excited to be helping out with a girls empowerment class this summer. Such a special topic near and dear to my heart! I’m going to be talking about essential oils =)