photo from yourbeautifullife.org

If there is one thing that absolutely jazzes me up like no other it is synchronicity. Because basically you can’t fake it, and you can’t really argue with it (unless you’re a TOTAL debbie downer). The synchronicity in my life last year kind of disappeared, and as I’ve gotten more plugged in to where I want to be and what I want to be doing POOF it has popped right back up.

This past Saturday I attended a mediation class at The Organic Angel near my parent’s house. If you live near Norfolk you have to check out Angela’s classes; she’s the owner! I’m always thrilled to get a chance to spend time with Angela and always leave feeling so excited and grateful to have her a friend. Knowledgable, kind, super intuitive, brave and beautifully grounded she is such a treasure!

Back to the class, one of the women in our meditation group’s name was Dawna. The group of us sat down next to each other after meditation for some tea, and Dawna and I introduced ourselves and started talking about the program she’s pursuing in reflexology. She beamed whenever she spoke about it, and it was so thrilling to see how clearly she FOUND her purpose and what she is most excited to share with those around her.

As we began talking more, other people in the conversation chatted with her a little bit, and we didn’t have any additional one-on-one conversation. I left that class went home and then remembered mid-morning the next day that I had promised myself I would stop into The Enchanted Fox (also near my parents) to pick out a pendulum. So I dragged my mom with me for the ride and headed into the shop and my jaw DROPPED as I looked up and saw Shawna standing at the counter paying for her purchase!

SERIOUSLY Universe. That is pretty bomb.

But the best part was that Shawna said to me as we were laughing at the craziness of running into each other twice in two days that she had a question for me she hadn’t had a chance to ask. I had mentioned that I was going to focus more of my coaching on EFT and tapping to Angela as I left, and Shawna asked me about what it was and how it worked. I KNEW! I just knew that she and I were supposed to connect and be in touch with one another once she brought that up. I had mentioned it just in passing to Angela as I was leaving surely if Dawna remembered that and brought it up right away this was important.

Then, my mom picked up a deck of affirmation cards for me from Louise Hay out of the dozens of decks the store sells, and I told her I had purchased them a week earlier. HA! #Synchronicity I couldn’t HANDLE IT.

Three things

1.) I volunteered at Yoga Reaches Out this past weekend and was reminded so much of how drastic a difference one person can make. Chills. Every time I go I get chills.

2.) I’ve recently caught the flower essences bug from my best friend. I’m all about opening up to new stuff lately. I love this affirmation “My greatest expansion occurs when I try new things.” I also ate sardines today for the first time YUCK (but I will get used to it) in the name of omegas and healthy fats.

3.) Someone complimented me this week and said, “you’re radiant.” Inside —> out, every.single.time I get the inside right I get a glow. Seriously. Even people besides my mom say so haha =)