Pandora introduced me to this song from Rachel Platten this afternoon. Apparently she’s from Newton, Massachusetts which is a cool connection to Beantown and she’s currently on tour with Colbie Caillat and Christina Perri. As soon as I heard it, I felt this really physical connection to the message and this concept of taking back your story (and your power).

When I started my journey into the wide world of spirituality and trying to live from a bigger perspective I heard this phrase a lot, “You have to own your power.” Um, so, what does that mean? Unfortunately, it’s incredibly easy to give our power away in our daily lives. Here are a few examples in my own life of ways that I have given up my power and examples of how I have reclaimed it.

I’ve given up my power in jobs that demanded 60 hours a week…with bosses who assigned me projects with the express communication that my detail-oriented style be maintained rigorously (aka perfection). BUT I’ve taken that power back in other jobs where I could create my own hours, work from home, and literally pick the majority of the projects I was working on. 

I have given up my power with health and defaulted into prescriptions and treatments that didn’t address my symptoms from the inside out and painted the doctor as the expert and body’s intuition as foolish. I’ve bought into the perpetual panic of stress and rode the same mental roller coaster round and round. I’ve taken that power back after meeting with doctors, very fancy, smart doctors, and deciding not to take their advice and trust my gut. [Louise Hay also taught me a lot about shifting the way we see stress and its stronghold on our power]

I have given up my power to “the people” who think that at twenty-nine years old I am behind because I am not married and having children. (To the lady at the nail salon last week who told me I need to hurry up and get married so that I can still have kids, that really sucked, but I forgive you). I am living my life – the one I am designing on purpose and intentionally – not the one everyone else thinks I should have. 

I have given up my power to guys, like a few times. Ok, a lot. I’ve made them more important than me, and I’ve leaned on them to feel safe. Spoiler alert: This never works!!! They feel that energy and (rightly so) want none of it. I’ve let guys talk down to me and even belittle me. UGH my stomach rolls writing that. I’ve taken that power back by spending lots ‘o time single and not fighting it or panicking about it but realizing that I need to stand squarely and genuinely on my own before some guy can be part of the picture. 

1.) Currently obsessed with this brushing rinse. (Glamorous, ha no!) but if you are struggling with unhappy gums like me this is a great addition to oil pulling.

2.) I’m watching “Vanishing of the Bees” for a screening at work this week. I will most definitely become obsessed with all things bees. I already preemptively joined a bee lovers group on Meetup.

3.) Legs up the wall is NEVER a bad idea after a long day on your feet.