The way we spend our money exemplifies what we value. Think about that for a minute. Some of my friends would drop $200 on a pair of designer jeans happily (they’ll last for years and I’ll feel like a million bucks every time I put them on!) Some of my friends would happily drop $200 on a bike rack for their car or a pair of new ski pants. You get the picture. We all value different things, and our values shift and change during certain periods of our life.

In my late twenties I have started to notice that the way I spend my money (and what I value) is oftentimes clearly linked to the way my parents spent and saved their money in both good and bad ways. Yep, this has been very eye opening.

This past year was also a time when I realized that I was not really digging the idea of meeting a guy, falling in love and expecting him to take care of my bad money habits. I don’t want to be money illiterate. I also want to be extremely financially successful myself. My mom is an accountant and very involved in my family’s finances but part of me kind of liked the idea of someone else taking care of it. You know?

Well no more!

In December of 2014 I kicked off a huge year of financial focus. I set savings goals for the first time spurred on by a ten-year goal setting exercise I did in which I realized if I want to get THERE I need to act like I’m on my way THERE now. I’ve set intentions and dug into my fears about making more money. I’ve been honest about all the reasons making a lot of money freaks me out.

And then all of the sudden when I was at the mall, or ready to spend money in ways I previously did without thinking, I started to ask myself, “Would I rather save this money?What do I value more? My savings account blossomed. I started making a lot of “extra” money because saving and spending money was kind of FUN.

There’s so much I could write on this topic and so many angles to approach it from. But there is a joy and ease about your finances when you spend in a way that feels really aligned with who you are. My words for how I want to feel in 2015 are: vibrant, flow (synchronicity), luxurious, nourished, goofy and loved. I spend my money based on my intentions with these words and I feel like I’m spending from the inside out for all the right reasons. It’s pretty freaking cool. 

Three things:

1.) This quote from Get Rich Lucky B*tch, “Money is just a symbol for your life. It’s a symbol of how well you treat yourself. Imagine that your income is exactly proportional to your level of self-love. What does that say about your current income? What would that say about your ability to love yourself unconditionally?”

2.) Pardon me while I spring clean EVERYTHING.

3.) Still listening to so much Lake Street Dive. Still not sick of it.