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My friend India mentioned a Lake Street Dive concert on New Year’s Eve to me a few weeks ago and I immediately jumped at the idea. Listing to live music that I really love always leave me feeling joyful + inspired. I also think ringing in the new year doing “new” things is awesome – a new concert venue in Boston, a show with a theme (Prom!) and a band I’d barely listened to before the show. Triple threat.

Well, they were amazing. Rachel Price has a way of making you feel like, “You know what, I am a smoking hot woman. Watch out world!” It was a fantastic way to kickoff 2015. 15 has always been my lucky number (day I was born), and last year took a LOT out of me so I was REALLY ready to say goodbye to ’14. I’m so grateful for everything that I’ve learned, but I am ANSTY for some fresh starts and NEW energy.

This “Rich Girl” cover was just as good as I thought it would be live (they played during the encore). I’m reading Kate Northrup’s book “Money: A Love Story” right now so I kind of liked the little theme there.

I downloaded their latest album before going to the show and my favorites are the title track Bad Self Portraits, Use Me Up and Rabid Animals. But, uh, they’re all damn good.

Happy 2015 friends, thanks for being here.