Here are the most important things I learned in 2014.


1.) Make every effort to see your closest friends who live far away at least once a year. (You know who you are ladies and gentleman). And the ones who live close, you have to work at that too!

2.) Refined sugar really is so 2014. It screws up so many of delicate balances in our body (minerals y’all), and it is ADDICTIVE.

3.) Sometimes we have to give up something good in order to clear space for something great. Letting go can be tricky, but this saying (passed on to me from my coach) has been exceedingly helpful, “honor don’t dwell.”

4.) Pay attention to your joy. Paying attention to how much I love live music has been a big lesson for me this year.

5.) Surround yourself with people who have what you want. They will put a little extra oomph in your step and dedication, BUT you have to take it from there.

6.) An oldie but a goodie, “comparison is the thief of joy.” You aren’t supposed to have what “they” have; you’re supposed to have what YOU want. Go chase that!

7.) If you’re starting to feel sick, take a probiotic and drink lots of fluids. If you’re starting to worry, take a walk.

8.) Hearts break, and it sucks, but I credit my Dad with reminding me that sometimes we need to get the wind knocked out of us and hit restart.

9.) Go to the ocean if your problems feel big or heavy. Those waves and that tide has a way of overpowering fears.

10.) Be vulnerable and make fun of yourself. I’ve grown leaps and bounds as a leader this year and much of that has had to do with my willingness to laugh at my mistakes.