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Last weekend I attended the Natural Living Expo – helping out at Helen Chin Lui’s Reflexology booth (promoting my health coaching workshops) and also attending the expo on Sunday for spiritual teacher Gabrielle Bernstein’s lecture.

Gabby’s lecture on Sunday really hit a nerve with me, and I wanted to share about it here. The concept that she opened up with was the intense power of JOY. She talked about how joy elicits a really high vibration. Think about the sheer power of truly meaningful joy when you feel it in your body. It’s awesome!

Here’s an example from my life: The moment when I’m at the pick up station at the airport waiting to see my best friend’s car roll up to meet me. All the planning and love and excitement just bubbling out of me because here I am FREAKING OUT WITH JOY because I can see my best friend again. Here is this person I’ve found who knows me in a way that is indescribable and amazing, and I’m in awe of how much fun I have every time I see her.

That’s it. I love that joy.

I feel joy when I hear live music or when I cook a meal that’s healthy and so-freaking-delicious. I feel joy when someone who has crossed paths with me finds a way to tell me that something I’ve taught them has inspired them to live differently – to cook healthier foods, to have healthier thoughts or to chase their dreams of starting a new job or business.

We all feel and experience joy differently, but the point here is to pay attention to that and to cultivate moments in your life where you can raise your vibration and be in that space of child-like happiness, wonder and excitement.

Last year, I struggled with joy in the context of the world a lot. People are in poverty. They are hungry. There are orphans, too many orphans. Cancer is, well, cancer. And because I felt uncomfortable in the face of these really big, intense problems somewhere along the line I became uncomfortable listening for my joy.

I judged myself if things like a pedicure gave me joy. I made my joy “good” or “bad,” and in the process a lot of my joy just shut down. Joy can’t be black and white – and our joys are all meant to be felt and experienced differently.

On that note, sending you a big hug of JOY!

1.) While we’re on the joy topic. This quote has to be mentioned, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Theodore Roosevelt

2.) 10 Paleo Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes from Elana’s Pantry. The Paleo diet is free of refined sugar so if you crave sugar like me check these out. (All of these recipes will also be gluten free!)

3.) I have another health coaching workshop coming on Wednesday, December 10th at the Healing Place at 7pm. I will be talking for the first half and Robin will be speaking about meditation for the second half! I’m also taking suggestion for future topics at these lectures.