Balancing with Lindsay!



Current and former roomies. =)

To say to you that I learned a lot while I was 28 would be a massive understatement. I did some pretty wild growing last year. As I sat down to think about what I wanted to manifest during this upcoming year, I realized much of it felt different than what I wanted at this time last year. It’s discombobulating to think you’re heading in one direction and pushing toward what you want – only to realize it wasn’t quite what you thought it would be. To reach and attain what you wanted but then realize you need to un-choose your choice and re-decide is intense!

You know the feeling…whether’s it’s in love, your career, your health, your friendships or your spirituality. It can be mind blowing to arrive at the destination of what you’ve been chasing only to see the shoe doesn’t fit. It’s a GASP and it’s a GIFT. Very rarely are we locked into these choices that no longer fit us, and the latter half of my 28th year was a lesson in just that.

It went something like this…

Start over. Find a blank page and begin. Stop looking backwards. Stop doubting everything when a small part of you knows it’s all working out perfectly anyways. Don’t hold on to things not meant for you. Believe you deserve better. Know your WORTH. Own your confidence. 

Sometimes you have to head back to square one a few times and re-visit what you’re looking for – and what you want that to look like. It is not easy, and it requires a big, huge freaking amount of courage some days. My mantra throughout August and into my birthday month became, “And I’m doing it anyways.” I took the reigns of my life back after handing them over for way too long. People noticed. Things changed + are changing. 

Here’s to 29…

3 Things:

1.) You have to try this refined sugar-free carrot cake. SO GOOD. SO GOOD. SO GOOD!

2.) I worked my little tail off last week and needed something to take my mind off everything when I was walking in the door at 10pm (boo!) – so I started watching a few episodes of New Girl. It makes me so much happier that I’m a dork.

3.) Thank you for reading. Seriously, I love it when friends, colleagues and Facebook people stop me and say they like my blog. It means so much!