Do you feel like change is in the air in your life right now? Yes, the change of season certainly emphasizes that feeling, but there’s also a big aspect of change incorporated into the full moon tonight.

Here’s what I’ve learned about change in the past few months. When I resist change because I believe staying in my comfort zone will keep me safer (and therefore happier), I close the doors on ridiculously cool opportunities. I block the best of the best out of my life.

Sure, I won’t fail at anything by staying safe, but I also won’t succeed and thrive in the way I desire either.

I can’t pinpoint the exact point last year at which I decided I needed to start living safe, I think it had a lot to do with relapsing into some of my old digestive issues and feeling like those were spiraling out of control on me.


But playing it safe DOES NOT WORK.

It made me more sick. It made me lose the sparkle in my eye. Playing it safe drained my life of joy and fun. I lost the synchronicity. I lost my intuition. 

I’ve spent the past three months unraveling all that safe-ness and trying to figure out where I was in all of it. I realized the only thing I knew for certain was that I needed to embrace change in my life PRONTO. And if I make a bad decision? That’s called LIFE EXPERIENCE. I’ll undo it later.

I had to stop striving to get out of life with a 100% perfect decision making medal and just DO.

The Universe favors those who are IN MOTION.

So go get ’em. Embrace and chase that change you’ve been thinking about but too afraid to pull the trigger on.