One of the goals I set for this summer was to be published on Elephant Journal. Their site was uncharted territory for me as a writer, and it presented me with the opportunity to submit a poem.

My submission was accepted and it went live this evening, “Pretty, please

I wrote this because wanting to feel pretty has been top of mind for me lately.

What I’ve come to realize is this: Most often, the only person who really robs us of the chance to enjoy and honor our beauty is ourselves. I sincerely believe the most attractive women are the ones who allow themselves to honor their own light AND are willing to be seen. I’m going to be writing another post in the coming weeks about allowing ourselves to be seen because I think this concept is super important in terms of drawing in powerful opportunities into our lives.

I hope it resonates with you, and I hope you’ll share it with someone if you feel inclined to do so.