Friends, I know FAR, FAR more than I ever hoped I would know about how to help an upset stomach calm itself down. I’m going to be sharing more content on this blog that ties directly back to health as I start to focus more energy on my health coaching practice. Get excited!

persimmon and satsuma tangerine smoothie-23

See that fresh ginger that snuck into this smoothie? Photo cred:

1.) Drink some ginger tea.

This is currently my go-to if I have a meal and feel my stomach getting kind of wobbly. Basically, if my stomach feels as if it’s really working hard to digest what I ate or I’m getting heartburn or cramping symptoms, I reach for one of these tea bags. I also put a big piece of fresh ginger in my smoothie every morning. One of my former roommates does this, and I dig it as a healthy habit.

Side note: Peppermint tea is another great option but I avoid it because it aggravates my acid reflux.

“When using ginger to treat upset stomach, these chemicals relax the intestinal tract, preventing motion sickness and relieving the nausea, vomiting, colicky stomach cramps, and diarrhea that often accompany stomach flu.” HowStuffWorks

2.) Take a SUGAH and dairy break. Focus on cooked (not raw) alkaline foods. 

Sugar upsets the natural pH balance that your body is trying to achieve. Sugar messes with your blood sugar and can trick your body into thinking it needs to dip into fight or flight mode. No good! Basically, sugar is not your friend when your stomach is upset. Ever. Dairy is often tough for those with sensitive digestive systems. I can’t get away with having very much of it all, but it’s great thing to remove if you feel like your system has been overtaxed or getting you’re bloated, gas, fatigued etc. The good news is alkaline foods help balance out the acidic foods we eat (like sugar and dairy). Some examples of alkaline foods that are easy to incorporate into your diet are lemons and limes (put some slices in your water), avocado, asparagus, spinach, kale, broccoli and dates.

4.) Fall back on the brat diet.

Bananas, rice, applesauce and toast are easy on your digestive system and are good “binding” foods. Sometimes super simple is what your body needs to reset itself.

5.) Acknowledge this: Toxic thoughts effect our bodies in a very similar way to toxic foods. 

If you’re judging yourself, thinking “attack” thoughts and in a general state of stress about your day, your digestive system simply cannot function at 100%. It goes back to that flight or fight response I mentioned earlier. The nervous system is connected to the digestive system. Period. Double period.

My anxiety can trigger massive issues with my digestion. I’d love to push the blame on to eating the “wrong” foods but very often it’s a case of my being in the wrong mental state while I’m eating the meal…not that the meal itself is aggravating my gut. That is rough information to swallow and it took me years of work with different doctors and holistic practitioners to really accept it. I still struggle with it.

There you have it!

Three things:

1.) Bmore! I’m getting ready to take a trip to Baltimore in mid August which I’m pretty stoked about. I’ve never been so if you have any tips about delicious healthy restaurants there I would love to hear them.

2.) Sara Bareilles Concert– Last night was my third time seeing Sara live. I URGE you to see her if she comes to your city.

3.) Orchid Tip – I just brought my first orchid back to life after a less than successful stay in my basement office at work. HURRAY! Three ice cubes once or mayyyyybe twice a week.