Today is the kind of day where I need to hold myself accountable and throw some of the changes out there that I’ve made over the past few months and some of the changes I’m hoping to make in the next few months.

Since December I’ve added in…More probiotics. More digestive enzymes. More digestive bitters. More ginger. More greens. More smoothies. More coconut water. More yoga studios. More yoga. More vinyasa. More restorative. More chi gong. More hatha. More VARIED healthy meals. More talking about what’s bothering me. More herbs. More writing. More meditation. More time with my extended family. More appreciating my boyfriend AND more appreciating ME.

This spring I will..

Commit to 30 minutes for me every morning. It’ll be real early some days, and in the beginning many parts of me will hate it. But the time will be mine, and I need it if I want to keep propelling myself forward. I’ve done five minutes here and five minutes there, but I’m talking about devoting myself to something that my days will feel incomplete without.

I’m talking about not starting my day rushed, racing to punch a time clock for someone else. It sets a horrible tone for my day and makes me feel like I’m already out of control crazy busy from the moment I get up.

Exercise. I just can’t be the woman I want to be without it. A lot of it. There is no other vantage point here. Exercise is deeply beneficial for my anxiety. Exercise helps me feel free, powerful and focused.

Be enough. Last month, I got caught up in this firestorm of obligations in my work and personal life. I felt wildly behind on all fronts and as if I was just barely beginning to scratch the surface of what needed to be done. In order to be effective, I have to shift that perspective from victim to problem solver.

Push myself past my fears with health coaching and teaching yoga. Little by little, bit by bit. Whispering to myself over and over, “I’m good enough. Right here, right now.”

Re-prioritize. AKA Tackle the nagging task if it’s most important. Ask for help. Acknowledge that you’re only one person. SET REASONABLE EXPECTATIONS. Don’t over commit yourself. Try new things and fail. Live messy sometimes and be okay with it!

Remember to spread joy and light and leave everything better than I find it. I was unpacking a few bags I still had to sort through from my last move and I found a card from a former coworker which read, “I will miss our impromptu talks and the light you have shined upon me.” Reading that card, reminded me of the relationship we had and the way my friend also helped bring out the best in me. I SHOWED UP for her, as the best version of myself and we had such a sincere, wonderful connection because of that. This coworker also met my mother while we were grocery shopping one afternoon and some of the compliments she gave my mother about the daughter she raised were so inspiring and kickass that I will always remember the feeling I had…as these two very important women in my life got the chance to meet. Kudos to my coworker for going out of her way to say such sweet words. Dish out those compliments! They are so priceless when we give them.

These are the gifts that are accessible with all the people who come into our lives if we are willing to SHOW UP and not shut down or get stressed out. #socool #loveit

Three things:

1.) Last week at I had the opportunity to watch this video when Christina Almonte spoke to the group of North Atlantic Marketing Team Leaders I work with at Whole Foods Market. Planet Earth has a lot of healing tricks up its sleeve!

2.) The Daily Love “Enter the Heart Tour” is coming to Boston. This is tempting, very tempting. Mastin’s blog has inspired me on many, many days when I was struggling to stay lit up and wholehearted.

3.) ‘Tis wedding season again, and I’m reminded as I put on my FAVORITE pair of earrings that Folklorica in Newton is my top pick for jewelry that feels completely unique and made with love.