I consider myself relatively dedicated to eating healthy, and on many levels that decision was one I made kicking and screaming. It wasn’t until I was made so uncomfortable by digestive issues like food allergies, acid reflux and Irritable Bowel Syndrome that I let go of eating foods like Eggo Waffles, Cinnabuns and Oreo cookies.

It took me three solid attempts to COMMIT to living a gluten free lifestyle…because I didn’t want my life to change that drastically. I refused to do it in college because of beer and the challenge of navigating dining hall food. I refused to do it my first year out of college because I actually had no idea how to cook most healthy foods.

At a particularly painful low, I acknowledged that I was mad at food for being such a complicated, dramatic, emotional and frustrating part of my life, and then I made a commitment.

I committed to never allowing any doctor or specialist tell my that I wouldn’t be able to lead a healthy, happy life. I committed to trying as many different healing modalities as possible. I committed to my yoga practice. I committed to eating whatever my body needed to heal.

That rock bottom fierce commitment pushed me through some of the most challenging things I experienced during the year or so it took my health to even out. And so for the better part of the past two years, my health blossomed.

And then this summer I hit a speed bump. And another about a month or so ago that I’m still recovering from. And I had to look myself in the mirror and ask myself some questions…Where is it that I’ve lost that fierce commitment to do whatever it takes to be well?

Where is it that I’ve chosen comfort over truly diving into my life?

Where is it that I’ve pushed away the painful memories of all I endured before I was well? How can those experiences serve others when I’m so unwilling to look them in the eye and remember how terrible they felt?

This past month or so of struggle mimics many of the stomach troubles I dealt with for years and years. Its tasted a lot like bad memories, but it has also allowed me to tap back into my strength. My naturopath, who has been a powerful force in my journey to wellness, reminded the other day that all I need to do is remember how much perseverance I’ve practiced. Never give up was the motto I etched into my food allergy test results about 6 years ago.

So there it is. Sometimes life demands that you recommit.

Three things:

1.) I thought this article from “50 Foods You Should Be Eating” was a strong one. One tip I plan on putting into action that I don’t currently remember: Ginger root is a staple in Indian and  Chinese cuisine. It’s been known to do wonders for the stomach, namely easing  stomach aches, eliminating gas and soothing the intestinal tract. Don’t just use  it in stir fries, though; throw a little knob into your morning smoothie to give  it some kick.

2.) This article [“You Need To Go After The Things You Want]. made me realize how differently I live my life now after having struggled with a chronic illness for many years. I really don’t want to look back and wonder what would’ve happened if I’d had the guts to say how I really felt.

3.) The Esquire article, “Why You Should Date Taller Women,” DEFINITELY spoke to me. I’m 5’11” and much of my dating life has hinged on those two figures. I’ve been told I’m intimidating by folks of all ages my entire life, but when you meet a man who can handle a tall woman you know you’ve caught a good one. I like to tell people it weeds the insecure ones out.