Perfect spot for a gluten-free beer or cocktail, no?

Note: I am gluten sensitive, but I don’t have celiac disease so keep that in mind with these tips.

I often tell people that eating gluten free in 2013 is about ten times easier than it was when I first committed to eating gluten free in 2008. However, when I travel I am reminded of the struggle I experienced years ago in traditional food stores. When I try to explain the feeling of being surrounded by food, none of which is gluten free I often use this line from The Rime of Ancient Mariner,

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

I did a couple things differently with my most recent trip this past weekend to a wedding in Sarasota that I thought were worthwhile to share,

-Bring along oatmeal cups for breakfast so you can just add hot water and go. The Sarasota Whole Foods Market carried this brand, but those in the Boston area check out Grandy Oats.

-3-Stock up on bars either before or during your trip, for me this includes the uber popular Larabar and KIND brands in addition to gomacro, RISE and Pure. I feel the best when I eat bars that contain about six ingredients or less and no soy, but that’s up to your body to let you know.

-I bought a steak and egg sandwich from Panera and ate it sans bread. I also did the same with a Boars Head turkey wrap at the Baltimore airport today. Obviously, this doesn’t work for folks who are celiac =(

-One word: Chipotle! (Yes, these are even in airports now.) I know eating at chains isn’t glamorous, but it is far, far better than eating something that’s going to upset your stomach or going hungry.

-The WFM: I usually make a trip to a Whole Foods in whichever city I’m visiting. I always know I’ll have choices there, and I can stock up items for the hotel room.

-Order sides only from the menu. Sometimes if I look at a menu and see a mess of gluten and dairy options I just ask to order a few sides of vegetables and potentially a piece of fish or meat.

Three things I’m into this week:

Currently reading “The Light Between Oceans” my first fiction book in a long time!

My favorite Kale print on etsy that I think I’m going to put it on my list for Santa

This quote,”When ‘i’ is replaced by ‘we,’ even illness becomes wellness.” Sushan R Sharma