If you’ve ever been to Kripalu (a yoga and retreat destination in the Berkshires), then you’re familiar with the giant quotes that line the stairs in the main building. I love a good thought-provoking quote, and Kripalu is nothing if not thought provoking in my book. Practices like silent breakfast and taking time to be completely alone definitely feel very foreign yet very eye opening to me.

Back to the quote though, there was one that struck me every time I walked by it this visit. Almost in a nagging way. I don’t remember reading it the last time I was there, and I certainly don’t remember it speaking to me so much. Here’s a magnet I purchased with the quote (Kripalu’s pretty protective of social media pics onsite and cell phones are really not allowed so I can’t give you the full effect).

-3AH yes, a quote that makes the perfectionist in me scream NO WAY. Absolutely not! But the yogi in me goes YEAH, obviously.

I did attend a program this weekend which I will talk about in a post later on this week, but I have to say it didn’t hold a candle to the program I attended two summers ago with Gabby Bernstein. I had to cancel my trip to her course this past summer because I had some stomach stuff going on, but I’m really glad I had this different experience to compare it to.

P.S. I shut my cell phone off for two days while I was there, and it was HARD. Good challenge, but HARD.

Smart stuff I’m into this week:

I’m currently defrosting some of these gluten free Chocolate Avocado Mini Cupcakes that I stashed in the freezer. Baking without refined sugar is one of my new favorite things.

“Family dinner” with some of my best girlfriends. Gotta remember to post the food on instagram this time.

“If you’re lonely, you’re stuck in a toxic relationship, you’re full of resentment for people who have hurt you, you’re cheating on your partner, you’re selling your soul at work, or you feel spiritually bankrupt, no amount of veggies, gym visits, 12-step programs, or vitamins is going to cut it.” –Lissa Rankin, taken from her book “Mind Over Medicine”