This past weekend marked another move for me: It was time to say goodbye to my studio apartment in Framingham. I can honestly tell you that if you had bet my younger self that I would ever be living in Framingham in my mid-twenties I would have told you that you were straight up CRAZY. But Framingham ended up being a perfect place for me to a.) live on my own for the first time b.) commute to my job in Wayland c.) have super easy access to some of my friends who live in Natick.

The quest to find a new apartment was however kind of a hot mess. I wanted to have a better commute to my new position in the Arlington Whole Foods Market. I wanted to have enough space to keep all my kitchen stuff, fit my queen size bed and have a parking space for my car. I looked and looked at apartments. I drove to Waltham. Lexington. Woburn. Arlington. NOTHING. Either the apartment was great and the roommate didn’t seem like the right fit or vice versa.

And then a funny thing happened, one of my close friends who had also been looking for apartments and struggling made a joke about me coming back to live in the Natick apartment I had moved out of just about a year ago. And there it was again another living situation that I would have told anyone a year ago was straight up CRAZY.

It’s a funny thing moving back somewhere that you thought you had said goodbye to because you have the chance to stare straight in the eye just how much growing you’ve done and how much more potential you’re holding.

3 things that I’m into right now:

  • Revitalive Cafe & Juice Bar in Newburyport is gluten-free friendly and unforgettably good. The Macro bowl and mango dream smoothie are my favorite.
  • Next weekend I head to Kripalu for a course with an Ayurvedic physician focusing on anxiety. #IamsuchaVATA
  • Gabby Bernstein wore a super amazing t-shirt from this etsy shop this past week, SuperLove tees.