-3Last night I went with my concert buddy Meg to see Sara Bareilles at the Orpheum Theatre. I’d never been there before, and it’s a pretty neat venue. Intimate and old school. Meg and I saw Sara play at the Bank of America pavilion a couple years ago, and she absolutely blew me away. Her stage presence is so infectious, she is an incredibly talented musician and songwriter and once you fall in love with her you realize her albums are chock full of amazing songs.

Plus, her HUGE current hit single “Brave” captures so much of my personal commitment to pushing myself outside my comfort zone. Before she played the song Sara mentioned that she wrote it for a friend who really needed to step up and love herself exactly as she was. She encouraged everyone in the audience to face their fears and reminded us love is always on the other side of fear. I loved that!

Here are a few of my absolute favorite Sara lyrics. A huge part of the reason why I love her stuff is because she inspires me as a writer.

“I’m not the girl that I intend to be. I dare you darling just you wait and see.” –Gonna Get Over You

“And if I were fearless then I’d speak my truth, and the world would hear this
That’s what I wish I’d do.” Let the Rain

“Everybody’s been there, Everybody’s been stared down by the enemy, Fallen for the fear, And done some disappearing, Bow down to the mighty, Don’t run, stop holding your tongue.” Brave

My favorites off of Sara’s latest album “Blessed Unrest” include

1,000 Times (written for an unrequited love)

Little Black Dress

Chasing the Sun

Have a fantastic week!