Can't wait to teach at Angela's Organic Angel shop

Can’t wait to teach at Angela’s Organic Angel shop

Next chapters have always kind of freaked me out. By that I mean, change freaks me out. I’m about to change jobs, move into the city and teach my first group nutrition classes in the next month. Now, these are all AWESOME things. I worked very hard for these wonderful opportunities. I totally see that, and my mind also loves to totally freak out. HELP.

I mean I’ll be fine. Deep yogic breaths right? I’ve started to really kick my behind lately when it comes to resisting change. Resisting change keeps you stuck and small and pissed off that things aren’t evolving. It can feel impossible to breathe new life into your career, relationships, eating and exercise habits and so on.

So really, change is absolutely freaking awesome. Without we would be trapped in the same patterns, with the same people, in the same apartments eating the same boring food. Silly exaggerations but you catch what I’m saying. If you resist change in the grander scheme of your life odds are you do it on a smaller level as well. And that adds up to a lot of missed opportunities to touch your edge and live big.

Bits and bites:

I just got this purse from the Gap and I love IT.

Really hoping to try class at Black Crow Yoga in Arlington SOON.

Didya know WFM Charlestown opened today. And there’s a JUICE BAR.