Quick health update: I’ve gone several years now without a “flare” from my IBS, leaky gut or food allergies. Unfortunately, I am now in the midst of either that or a painful cyst. Going through this experience has reminded me how grateful I am to have had my health over the past few years and just.how.tough.it.is to be a patient walking the Eastern/Western line. Did I stick it out with my naturopath too long? Should I have gone for blood work a lot sooner? It’s so easy to beat yourself up. If there’s one thing I’ve learned though, the journey is the journey. Trying to force a short cut (even when it means not being sick on your vacation) just doesn’t work. Surrender and patience are such an important part of being a patient. That and lots of giggles. I have my mom to thank for that =) That’s also why I haven’t been active on the blog. This nagging pain showed up late June, and I just haven’t been able to shake it. I’ve missed my blog like crazy though. Now, on to Angels and Angela.

llustration: Jen Troyer

Illustration: Jen Troyer

I can’t pinpoint exactly when I started (and then stopped) believing in angels. I know I did as a girl, and then as I got older and tougher realities settled in it started to wane.

But there was my mom, who would reference angels on and off throughout my childhood and adolescence. I knew that she believed in them. In high school, we both read the book “Expecting Adam” by Martha Beck which had a deep and powerful impact on us both. In it, Martha Beck a Harvard grad and non-believer of all things spiritual becomes pregnant with a chlid who has down syndrome. As she’s struggling to make her decision about whether to keep the child or not – and viewing his life in the eyes of her Harvard peers and through her own expectations – she experiences a number of moving, mystical events.

The book stuck with me and as I began to study and learn more about spirituality through both yoga and the time I’ve spent with my naturopath. My 200-hr yoga teacher training at the The Yoga Studio in Millis led me to Angela Cote, and over the past year or so I’ve attended several of her yoga workshops, guided meditations, classes about angels and she is my go-to for reiki and angel intuition.

I’ve asked Angela to share her experiences with angels on the blog today. 

Q: What’s your favorite book about angels and why?

A: I can’t pick only one. I’m a book junkie and love to read. I’ve discovered many books along the way that have valuable information.  Doreen Virtue, PhD is the best-selling author of numerous books about angels. I suggest reviewing her list of offerings and start with one you are drawn to. Additionally, “The Encyclopedia of Angels, Spirit Guides, and Ascended Masters” by Susan Gregg is beautifully illustrated along with angel/archangel names, associated faith, how they help, invocations and a detailed description of their purpose.

Q: What do you say to people who really struggle with the concept that angels are “real”?

A: We breathe air that is invisible but undoubtedly, we know that it is our life force.   Our angels and archangels may not be seen with our naked eye yet with an open heart and willingness to expand our consciousness outside the logical, egoic, and busy mind, we can connect to their presence through our many senses.  Come into stillness. Call upon an angel and feel your energy synchronize with theirs and you’ll observe the many miracles that occur in your daily life…some small and some large yet all so significant. We all have angels stories of miracles. It is simply the ability to be in the awareness of it happening. Feeling is believing 🙂

Q: What can we do in our daily lives to encourage our angels to give us guidance and support?

A: We can simply invoke (call upon) the angels at anytime/any place. As humans, we have free will and the choice to decide to call upon them. You don’t have to know the specific angel that will help you but rather setting the intention for receiving guidance and support for your highest and best.

Q: At what point in your life did you realize you had a special connection with angels?

A: My Mom and Dad must have intuitively known I would be connected to angels when they named me Angela. I feel that I was born with an inner knowing of their existence but related to their presence when I was about three years old.  It was only when I was older that I began to understand the connection with these beautiful beings.  To this day, I continue to grow, learn, and experience more about the angels. It’s infinite!

Q: Where can people go to learn more about the services you offer?

A: Angelascension.com is my existing site. I’m currently opening an eco-friendly shop which will also list my services: http://www.theorganicangel.com