powerful things happen when you start with the question: How can I help?

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Zane Wilemon, Founder and Executive Director of C.T.C International (C.T.C. stands for Comfort the Children) and Jeremiah Kuria, the Kenyan Director of the program, at a blogger event.

Zane speaking with some bloggers at Whole Foods Market River St.

Zane telling us his inspiring tale at Whole Foods Market River St.

C.T.C. was born after a trip Zane took to Maai Mahiu Kenya and realized that Kenyans desperately needed help to break cycles of poverty. Zane (and his awesome Kenyan team) also noticed one population in particular that seemed to have the odds stacked against them: Moms with disabled children. And you know what? They solved for it, and are still solving for it on an even bigger level, and have been so successful some Mums in Kenya have been disappointed that they don’t have children with special needs. That’s amazing!

Meet L.I.F.E. Line

Here’s how C.TC. explains the program: “The L.I.F.E. Line started in 2008 with a canvas tote bag supporting the education of special needs children. Shunned by society the founding nine L.I.F.E. Line Mums had children with special needs. Learning to sew allowed them to earn an income for their families, send their children to school and grow from quiet outcasts to leaders of change [that gives me chills]. What started with a simple tote bag has evolved into a fashion brand that is transforming entire communities.”

Hearing Zane and Jeremiah speak really hit home this lesson: We can all start something that matters. We can all help each other and in doing so we are actually helping ourselves.

I encourage you to contribute to Zane’s project by purchasing any of the L.I.F.E. Line products Whole Foods Market carries (wine totes, L.I.F.E. jackets, bracelets and more). As you have probably guessed from his name, Zane is pretty hip and even taught me about the coolest instagram hashtag around for bracelets: #armparty. My yellow bracelet is from L.I.F.E. Line. It was a gift from Zane and Jeremiah (on behalf of the Mums of course) and on the inside it reads, “Life in every stitch.”

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