A good book plus a pool, lake or beach = heaven this time of year. Since Memorial Day weekend is upon us, I started to collect a mental list of books I’d like to have in my beach bag this year. Word of warning, I don’t really read fiction. I’m so invested in learning about time management, happy living, yoga and more that I tend to forget about fiction!

1.) Reveal by Meggan Watterson

Image from meganwatterson.com

Image from megganwatterson.com

What drew me to this book was Kate Northrup’s interview with the author. Meggan’s story intrigued me greatly because she referenced anxiety as the root of her decision to pursue a more spiritual life. Anxiety can sweep into our lives quietly and aggressively, and Megan has truly used her anxiety to propel her career studying the divine and the divine feminine.

2.) Relish by Daphne Oz

Image from apartmenttherapy.com

Image from apartmenttherapy.com

I watched Gabrielle Bernstein’s interview with Daphne and really liked how Daphne focused on the fact that eating healthfully can and should be absolutely delicious. This concept that we need to eat “fake” food or really disgusting “healthy” food isn’t true!

3.) Money, A Love Story by Kate Northrup (Note- this book hasn’t been released yet so make it a Labor Day read!)

Image from barnesandnoble.com

Image from barnesandnoble.com

Last June I got the chance to listen to Kate lead a talk at Wanderlust Vermont called “It’s Spiritual to Be Rich.” I attended the festival as a blogger for Wanderlust.com, but I actually didn’t end up writing a post about Kate’s lecture because I was so into it I took crummy notes! Kate worked her way out of serious debt and offered up a lot of very simple, doable tips for having a better relationship with money. She recommended making money dates – lighting a candle and setting aside time every week to review your bank account, look over invoices and really dig into the specifics of your financials. Denial ain’t gonna do it!

I’m loving…

These gluten-free and refined sugar free cinnamon rolls from Almonds and Avocados. This Fruit & Hemp Seed Muesli from WFM. I know it’s basically summer but it’s still a good idea to fire up your digestive system with a warm breakfast in the AM.