Two summers ago - taking my cousins Olivia and Isabella to their first concert!

Two summers ago – taking my cousins Olivia and Isabella to their first concert!

I’m compiling a list on the blog today – a list of all the things I’m looking forward to + things that fill me up with gratitude. Lately, I’ve been focusing a lot of attention on finding the joy + passion I have for everything going on in my life that’s already pretty great. Because there’s a lot of it! It’s really easy to focus on the next step – but being completely present to the gifts we have right NOW has this really magical way of bringing even more delightful, surprising and positive things our way.

1.) My Kripalu vacation in June – May Cause Miracles weekend retreat with Gabrielle Bernstein. I’ve been following Gabrielle’s work for quite some time now – and she has helped me create a life with passion, peace & purpose.

2.) My Boston College 5 Year Reunion. Good friends reunited. I can’t wait!

3.) Spark & Hustle in June – Though I work full time growing my yoga, health coaching and blog “business” is right at the top of my list. Spark & Hustle should put some pep in my entrepreneurial step.

4.) Riley’s wedding + especially the part where I get to teach yoga to her bridal party & fam.

5.) Sarah’s wedding in Portland. Maine in the summer leaves me kind of speechless.

6.) The Taylor Swift concert at Gillette in July. Ah yes, my musical guilty pleasure. I never miss Taylor when she’s in Boston…never.

7.) Teaching more yoga! Lately I’ve been subbing about one class a week in Millis and it feels great to be getting those hours in and continuing to get more and more comfortable as I go. I am so excited to build my own style of teaching!

My amazing friends from BC

Some of my amazing friends from BC