I am a Bostonian through and through and these past few days have been heartbreaking. I’m going back to work – the same way I did after Newtown – with a haze surrounding my usual tasks and a feeling of deep, deep sadness.

The marathon stands for such courage, bravery and strength and it is filled with stories of people doing the unthinkable – rising back after beating cancer, running in honor of a child or partner who has passed. To stand on the sidelines each year and cheer for so many runners who are very often running to support someone they love is unbelievably touching. It’s a “we all come together” day. The attacks didn’t change that, but it did force us all to dig deep, yet again.

How can we battle such hatred? How can we stop this? How can we raise children where scenarios like these are becoming more and more common?

To me, the answer is to let your thoughts, your feelings, your deeds and your time speak of MASSIVE LOVE. We need to the have feeling of being broken open with each other, of feeling inexplicably connected to all of humanity, and the feeling of knowing that we can and SHOULD build each other up. So often we “armor up” (a Brene Brown-ism) when we feel upset, or wounded, or just generally frustrated.

Here’s a quote from Marianne Williamson that Wanderlust posted on Instagram that I thought was really powerful:

“There are far more people in the world that love than who hate, but hatred has a pervasive kind of courage. People hate with conviction today. We need to love with the same level of conviction with which some people hate. We need to have the same kind of courage behind our love; the same kind of intention behind our love. We have to have the same kind of effectiveness behind our love and commitment behind our love that a few among us have behind their hate.” – Marianne Wiliiamson