A couple of weeks ago I asked my first health coaching client to write a testimonial for me.

The back story on this is that I’ve guarded my commitment to health coaching very closely. As my job ratcheted up in intensity and I still had health coaching tests to take, I made a very clear decision to work with just one client. I wanted to feel proud of what I brought to the table, and I wanted to make sure I left time for self care in my own life.

Reading my first testimonial made me realize that the decision was one of the best I’ve made. Because I chose to stay focused and not overwhelm myself, I was able to offer my client the kind of coaching I hoped I had in me.

And here you have it….

“The summer of 2012 I came down with a pretty bad sickness. Not the usual sneeze and cough—more of the unable to eat, vomiting blood, and terrible stomach pain variety. On a whim, I contacted the only person I could think of for help: a former colleague in PR. I knew that she had battled gastrointestinal issues for years. I also knew that she was one of the most inspirational people I had met. In the mere four months that we worked together, I remember becoming mesmerized by her self-help action plans. If there was one person who could pull me out of my self-pitying, health crisis funk, it was Kate Lamie.

Even thought it had been three or four years since we’d spoken, Kate was eager to give me advice. She immediately recommended I read The Second Brain by Dr. Michael Gershon, told me about her personal experiences, and coached me through possible diagnoses based on my symptoms. The book changed my diet (and my life), the experiences made me feel less isolated, the coaching made me feel empowered. When Kate mentioned that she was also training to be a health coach, I jumped at the chance to work with her. Without even asking the price, I signed up. If she could help me in 10 minutes more than any doctors had in two months, I couldn’t wait to see what a six-month program would bring.

My program with Kate took me on a wild journey into unchartered territories. I critically evaluated my patterns, while becoming truly appreciative of everything I was accomplishing. What I loved about working with Kate is that I was completely empowered—I was in the driver’s seat, actively looking at areas I wanted to improve, and Kate was my co-pilot. My advocate. My cheerleader. My guide.

Kate mirrored back to me what I was putting out to the world. She helped me to realize that a lot of the problems “out there” were really things I was unhappy with in myself. When I first started seeing Kate, I was a busy, overstressed, perfectionist PR pro who dreaded my mornings. Today, I am completely cured of my sickness and working toward becoming a health coach myself to share with others what I’ve learned. I exercise, drink health shakes, and meditate every morning before work, but in a manner consistent with my lifestyle and workflow.

I highly recommend Kate as a health coach. I consider her not only my exceptional health coach, but also my great friend. She brings a fun and bubbly attitude to the sessions, diffusing the seriousness of self-work. She helps to remind you that working on yourself is supposed to be a fun and rewarding experience. And she shares personal accounts of her own struggles to let you know that you’re not alone.

Working with Kate is an absolute gift, and I feel so blessed to have had her to guide me through one of the most challenging times in my life and onto a path that recognizes and appreciates the real me.