This past Wednesday night I saw Iyeoka perform at Wellesley College. She was an amazingly inspiring musician but also so rad that it’s difficult to describe what she does. I’ll let her Twitter description do the work.


Ted Global Fellow? Holllllah. One of her songs went viral with some 8.7 million views on YouTube.

After studying reiki and spending upwards of 500 hours in yoga studios over the past few years, I’ve become much more in touch with the concept of healing vibrations. When I hold a bundle of leafy greens, or super local veggies from the farmers market, I get this almost lightheaded rush. Iyeoka’s music made me feel that same way – and I definitely understand why she calls herself a healing meditation drummer. Iyeoka was a force – sitting there with her drum and radiant grin she oozed authenticity, power and eloquence.

-3I hope to be sharing more events like these that I attend around the city on my blog in the future. I often debate what to share here – whether I want to focus on food, spirituality, local events, and I’m realizing I want to share it all. As long as it inspires!