Well, 2012 rocked. Here you have it…not in order of cool-ness (because that would just be way too tough.)

1.) Graduating from my 200-hr yoga teacher training program


It was a six-month adventure, and it was an eye opening experience that taught me about becoming a “teacher” and leader, the profound miracle that is my body, and the bliss of a dedicated regular practice.

2.) Blogging for Wanderlust.com at Wanderlust VT


Two summers ago I left Gabby Bernstein’s weekend-long program at Kripalu completely ready to write. I knew, (but wasn’t sure exactly why) that I needed to write an article for Tiny Buddha. Fast forward a year or so later, and that article led to an opportunity to volunteer at Wanderlust, as a blogger.

3.) Watching my best friend get married (on my birthday!)


Adrienne’s wedding was incredibly gorgeous, and it was an absolute blast to celebrate her marriage to Michael. What struck me about their wedding more than anything (including that crazy Aspen altitude) were the unbelievable heartfelt and hilarious toasts. I hope the toasts are half as good at my wedding some day, seriously.

4.) Enrolling in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition


Floored by IIN’s holistic approach to nutrition, healing and creating a happy life I took the plunge to become a certified health coach (right after I got laid off from my last job!). I love that IIN students get to hear lectures from people who support a broad range of dietary theories  (vegan, raw, macrobiotic, blood type, ayurvedic) and then step back and see how every person’s body functions best on a different way of eating. I believe in that approach wholeheartedly.

5.) Meeting Paul (my boyfriend.) 


Spending the last year with Paul has been nothing short of amazing. Trips to Portland, ME, Cape Cod, walks on the beach, recipe adventures in the kitchen – it’s all been a wild ride.

6.) Getting laid off – and then accepting a job with Whole Foods Market. 

Ma ma manifesting. Huge, huge, huge lesson in manifesting for me to be able to accept a job with my dream company after being unemployed. My current job has taught me a great deal about being a leader in the workplace and in life – and forced me to really step up my game.

7.) The Massachusetts Conference for Women & the Healthy Living Bloggers Summit


See now I’m cheating because I’m running out of numbers, but hey, I make up the rules here. It’s a two-fer. At the conference, hearing Brene Brown speak about vulnerability and having the courage to step out and offer your gift and be SEEN was an incredibly eye-opening experience for me. She is such a masterful storyteller and compelling speaker. And then on the #HLS front I was able to try a quick snippet of CrossFit which isn’t for me, but it is a really compelling branding success to me. Even though I was terrified to go without knowing a soul, I am still making new friends and getting some great opportunities because of the Healthy Living Summit.

8.) Living in Sherborn


I grew up not too far from the town of Sherborn but I always thought of it as a small (albeit fancy)  cut through town on the way to the Natick mall. When my Dad decided to flip a house in Sherborn I had no idea how lucky I was to be able to live there for a little while. First, sailing and swimming at the lake in the summer is the bees knees. Second, the walking trails and amount of woods/conservation in town is stunning. This is literally the first new england town that I could picture myself happy in later on in life. I can’t even believe I’m saying it because I always swore it was to the south, to the south, to the south!

9.) Sherborn’s Silverwood Farm (CSA in action)


My roommate Lindsay invited me to tag along with her to visit her farm share this summer and because it just so happened to be located in my favorite town I knew I was in for a treat. I had never seen how a CSA works, and getting to walk through the fields of herbs with Lindsay and pick fresh flowers was AMAZING. I loved getting a first-hand view of how she knows what she can take home and all the little pieces that come together.

10.) Touring Taza Chocolate Factory


If you love chocolate and you’re gluten and dairy-free, Taza is officially a dream come true. Since Taza is based right in Somerville, Paul and I headed over for an informational tour (complete with lots of samples) last winter. You would’ve never thunk it but cacao is fascinating. The only down side? It made me even more addicted to this chocolate!

11.) Trying hula hooping


Ever since seeing a huge crowd of hoopers at Wanderlust last June, I have been extremely curious about hula hopping. I don’t have any memories of being especially good at hula hooping as a child – so I was pretty darn nervous to go to class. BUT Kat was/is awesome and she had me hooping right away with her confident, “Anyone can do this!” grin.

12.) Spending a ton of time at the beach – Yarmouth, Duxbury, Nantaske

photo-1I’ve always loved the beach, but it wasn’t until this summer that I was able to put my finger on exactly what it is that I’m so mesmerized by. It’s the sense of perspective. The ocean feels endless, and your problems don’t seem as daunting. It’s like the earth pulling at you saying, remember the big picture, see the beauty, enjoy the ride.