About three years ago, I had my career pointed in one very specific direction. I wanted a job as a copywriter for Rue La La (preferably a social media copywriter) but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. I had a few connections through former coworkers and fellow BC graduates, and I knew that if they agreed to send my resume to HR the odds of my getting an interview were exponentially higher.

Two friends who worked for Rue La La forwarded my resume to human resources, and I heard CRICKETS. Nothing. Nadda. I’d figured someone would at least send me a form email with a “We’ve received your application, and we’ll let you know if anything appropriate opens up.” Instead, I heard radio silence.

I didn’t have any fashion-specific experience, but I was young, hungry, smart and working for the world’s largest public relations agency at the time. I considered myself a fairly attractive candidate – and I decided I was going to use some what my dad would call “airy fairy” tactics to help manifest a Rue La La job.

I was seriously burnt out where I was, and I was desperate to take the next step.

I printed a large copy of Rue La La’s logo, and I tucked it in between my mattress pad and bedspring so that I was literally sleeping on this desire every night. Nothing ever happened with Rue La La, but I kept working at my affirmations, getting clear on what I wanted my next job to look like, and I did accept an offer with a startup company that truly fit what I wanted/needed at the time.

I forgot about Rue La La as my attention shifted to dealing with my chronic health issues, and I became less interested in what I was wearing and more interested in what I was eating. Note: I don’t mean to bash fashion in any way, I do still believe fashion is art in motion.

Then something funny happened…

Two years later I met a guy on Match.com whose name was Paul and happened to work for Rue La La. I wrote this blog post as a happy one-year anniversary nod to him, and a reminder that we are all magnets, capable of drawing in exactly what we need, but we have to drop our own expectations about how/when we want certain things to show up.

Often, the universe has far cooler plans.