I’ve had a thing about time for awhile now. I have too many hobbies I love. I have too many recipes I’d like to cook, too many books I want to read, and too many to-do lists that I never seem to make any progress on. Clearly, this feeling of being constantly behind (which I KNOW is exaggerated in my mind) feels crummy. Instead of feeling inspired, in the flow, and guided, I often feel hung up, behind, stuck or just plain resentful of the all the fun things I wish I could be doing. I’ve also been in the bad habit of taking on more and more projects, commitments and responsibilities in the interest of  a little extra freelance work, building my portfolio or increasing my credibility.

What’s a gal to do?

I flipped open Danielle LaPorte’s Firestarter Sessions one night, thinking there was probably some advice about reframing time, and this is the page I opened to:

The right page header – “We know you’re busy now shut up about it.” – was exactly what I needed to hear. Danielle puts it this way:

“We fill up our lives. That’s what humans do. The question is what are you filling it with? Are you out-of-control busy, or are you full with life? Full is beautiful. Frantic is a buzz kill.”

She talks about time management systems as time diets with red flags that get raised when you’re concept of time isn’t serving you, “You feel like time is a boss that you need to please, and that you labor for time — the better you perform the more time you are given.”

No, no I want none of that. Time’s on my side.