What was the best part of your weekend? I really seriously want to know. I’ll share mine here, but I would love it if you would post yours below.

Since I moved to Sherborn last summer, and my mom accidentally discovered the Natick Farmers Market I have had a secret veggie love affair with the weekly event. I admire the farmers so much. I adore the produce. I dig the way the community rallies for these farms and local artisans. (Plus, there’s usually super cute puppies walking about!)

I’ve missed the market for most of the summer since I’ve been working, but this Saturday was a glorious exception. I stocked up on sweet potatoes and beets [I like to eat lots of root vegetables to help keep me grounded since I’m prone to worry and racing thoughts]. I also grabbed some kale, onion, and a loaf of Julie Z’s Gluten-Free Bread, Apple Cinnamon flavor.

Here’s one of my bags all loaded up from above:


1.) Mark your calendars for Yoga Reaches Out at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, April 28th.

2.) The Boston Local Food Festival is next Sunday October 7th. Are you going? I totally think you should. I’m blogging about some of the vendors, as one of the festival bloggers. I will be there with Paul, probably instagraming way too many photos.

3.) I had a super awesome experience with flower essences this week, and I’m pumped to study up and learn more about them. Edward Bach, rock on.