This weekend is my 27th birthday, and my best friend just so happens to be getting married on that very day. Coincidence? Ha! No way.

I’ve been a little stressed about traveling with my bridesmaid dress – and just coordinating all the pickups, taxi rides, bus departure times and intense itineraries that go along with the festivities. I’ve totally been forgetting to slow down and enjoy it. I can only imagine how the bride feels!

Nonetheless, as I was listing like a maniac tonight (traveling with food allergies is a fair bit of extra work) I realized I’M ON VACATION. I am not writing a list for work, for responsibilities or for pain in the butt commitments. I get to go to Colorado to see my best friend marry her best friend. Eeeek!

This is actually so fun! Plus, a bunch of our friends from college who I haven’t seen in ages will be there. Double, triple, quadruple fun. I could feel my body relaxing and the energy around me literally release as I shifted my mindset. How refreshing.

It made me realize, where are there other areas in my life that I can apply this same principle? A simple reframe can really take the edge off certain situations and help me settle into gratitude mode.

Here’s a pic of all the bridesmaids celebrating at Adrienne’s engagement party in New Orleans.

Now, off to take the polka dot nail polish off my toenails…