Yes, you’re right. I do have peanut butter and jelly on my nose, caught me.

Note: I’m changing the name of my blog and its look. We’re currently under construction, but I’m really excited to invest some more love into my site.

8 reasons why my Labor Day weekend rocked:

1.) I had three days off in a row. This is a big deal for a girl who works in retail and is still getting used to the whole on, off, on, off – what day of the week is it again? lifestyle. The positive side: The flexibility is unparalleled, and you are tremendously appreciative of three day breaks.

2.) I went to the beach AND the lake. Paul’s move out to Braintree isn’t super convenient location wise, but it allows us to get to the beach really easily. We both love the ocean so much, and I’m thrilled we’re logging more hours listening to the waves crashing and picking sand out of our iPhones (can’t really avoid it).

3.) I had gluten-free pizza from Stone Hearth – and Paul had his favorite gluten-free beers. We’re totally regulars and all the waiters and waitresses know us, definitely.

4.) We went sailing in Sherborn with my mom. I, naturally, worried about capsizing for the first ten minutes and then fell into a state of complete bliss.

5.) Paul gave me a quick cooking class since he’s much more of a chef than I am. He’s a really patient and thorough teacher which I truly appreciate.

6.) I tried on my bridesmaid dress for my best friend’s wedding later this month, and it all started to feel real. I’m really over the moon excited to celebrate with her.

7.) Bonne Maman jam is on sale this week at Whole Foods, two for $7. Gourmet and worth every penny.

8.) I caught up on a TON of IIN lectures while driving to and fro Duxbury Beach. It’s so cool to be able to plug in my iPad and load up my lectures as I go. My favorite dietary theory discussed was, drumroll please, the Body Ecology diet.