no, no. it’s not because i tried anything like THAT

It’s because we did some CrossFit approved squats that were super fun at the time, but unfortunately painful today. This was JUST what I needed to get motivated to start exercising outside of yoga. Seriously. Wait, let me start from the beginning.


So this past weekend I went to #HLS12 (aka the 4th annual Healthy Living Summit) hosted by the family. It was just down the street at the Hyatt in Cambridge and looked irresistibly fun. We started off the weekend with a cocktail party on Friday night (complete with Taza chocolate (GLUTEN-FREE!) and a photo booth. Also, someone snuck a few country songs onto the playlist for the evening…whoever that was yes and YES.

On Saturday morning Wild Harvest hosted breakfast for us and announced the winner of their breakfast recipe contest. The gluten-free gal in me was slightly disappointed with the offerings – but all in all the meal options were really healthy and well thought out.

I attended:

Hosting a Virtual Challenge (with Amanda Brooks of Run to the Finish), Blogging with Brands (panel hosted by Lauren of Say What You Need to Say), I am the Blogger in your Neighborhood (hosted by Holly from The Healthy Everythingtarian) and Social Media: Keeping up with Online Trends (with Running with Sass)

Bloggers at work

I thought the panels were extremely well executed during each of the sessions and the bloggers were really speaking from a wide knowledge base. Very neat stuff!

The SWAG was outrageous, including a new pair of kicks from Reebok, and I’m happy to report I made some new Boston and beyond blogger friends.