Tales from this week…

I am LOVING this artwork from Boston-based Mae Chevrette. Her blog is also inspiring and beyootiful.

My roommate’s mom made these granola bars for us (sans wheat germ for me which was EXTRA nice) and they are YUM-O.

VITAMIX PARTY!! My boyfriend bought one this past weekend, and I’m giddy with excitment. Lots of experimenting to come.

I’m gearing up for the Healthy Living Summit in Cambridge this weekend. So stoked.

Some T. Swift updates…

So the odds of my casually running into Taylor on Cape Cod just increased exponentially. I’m into it. I’m pro Taylor’s decision to join us New Englanders for a few reasons. 1.) I think this could translate into some extra concerts up north. 2.) This has to mean things are going pretty well with Conor right? Plus, in a few months Taylor will probably write some super catchy “It’s the holidays, I’m in Love” stuff. Yes and yes to that.