I snuck away  politely requested a couple days off this week to head down to Yarmouth with my guy. His family has a cottage there, and I’ve been so busy job hunting and studying up at my new gig that I haven’t had time to float in some salt water and kick up my heels. I’ve been staring down some pretty serious business lately between budgeting post unemployment and the miles of paperwork I have to sift through.

Enter my vacation…

Our first morning there we biked over to Seagull Beach, and the water was wonderfully warm! I don’t own a bike, this was a borrowed one, but now I’m really thinking I want to bike more this fall. I seriously had a blast!

Next up, we decided we wanted to drive out to Head of the Meadow Beach, where the water is, well, freezing but the beach is GORGEOUS. Paul ran right in. I did not. 62 you say? No thanks.

Here’s a shot of Paul and I right before we left. We’re all beach blissed out.

On our way back to Yarmouth we stopped at a market in Wellfleet that we accidentally happened upon – but one that I’ve visited a bunch with my extended family. Hatch’s Produce has my heart. Here’s why…


The local + organic veggie grin. P.S. Check out Paul’s man Toms. I kinda like ’em.