My roommate Lindsay offered to let me come along to her CSA share at Silverwood Farm in Sherborn a few weeks ago, and our schedules finally aligned this Friday. I was pumped! I have Silverwood Farm’s logo on my vision board because I know I want to learn a LOT more about farming, and ultimately maybe even get my own share. And have a garden I can eat from. And maybe get chickens. You know, lots of potential!!

I know I need to do a lot more research because investing in a share is definitely a big commitment, but boy does it really, really strengthen your connection to the land. Lindsay, my roommate, even takes her flip flops off while she picks her herbs and flowers because it’s so calming to feel the ground beneath your feet.

Here’s the first stop, the Pick Your Own info. The white board tells you what your share includes that week…(and that’s Lindsay!) She was psyched to see PYO flowers on the list.

Next we headed out to the flower patch, and Lindsay picked out her favorites

Next up was the herbs..
 Then you head in the big red barn to weigh out the pre-picked veggies. The chalkboard tells you how much your share includes (like 1 pound of potatoes, or 2 bunches of kale)
It was truly a blast! I was asking Lindsay all of these questions about winter shares, and how she decided to do a share at this particular farm. Then, I had to snag one pic in front of the gorgeous red barn.