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When I was laid off last February, I took a big leap of faith and decided to enroll in a health coaching program with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I believed wholeheartedly in this program – but I also knew that it was going to require a tremendous amount of investment in terms of the money and time I put into it.

The entire curriculum is done via iPad or website so there’s no one holding your hand to make sure you’re up to speed. You have to motivate yourself to practice doing consultations, networking, and planning out things like business cards, brochures, and websites.

After the first month or so, (even when I didn’t have a new job yet!) I started in with the whole “I have nowhere near enough time to do this” line of thinking. I focused on how behind I was. I focused on how many people were putting in more hours than I was. I focused on all the negative.

I realized this was going to be a big missed opportunity if I approached things from that perspective so I re-routed and for the most part I’ve felt pretty proud of the time I’ve invested and the way I’ve prepped thus far.

Then, my new job happened, and I moved, and my whole life shifted pretty out of balance. Actually, really out of balance. I’m struggling to make sense of my finances since I’m out of on my own now and also trying to catch up from so many months of unemployment. I’ve stared at my bills from IIN a few times full of resentment. What was I thinking signing up for a school without a steady paycheck? Why did I think it would be so easy? The truth is, it’s not going to easy. But it will be worth it.

I’ve gotten caught up in guilt, fear, doubt and worry lately. But that’s not what I want to bring to the table. I want so badly to help others as a health coach, and I finally feel like I’m excited, motivated and proud of myself for doing this. I’m back on track.