I haven’t blogged in so long that I’ve been feeling really picky about what I want to post (hello procrastination, we meet again in a new, deceiving way), but Danielle LaPorte posted a question today as part of her burning question series that I’m going to tackle.

So, what do I suck at?

i suck at letting myself be good at something. I always have to be excellent, and frankly it’s EXHAUSTING. It’s not working out very well for me in my life right now so i’m really being forced to look that in the eye. When you take risks, you indefinitely make mistakes, and you don’t get to be perfect at it all.

i suck at finding time to read books. I mean really, how do people do that with children and houses and lawns and stuff? i’m stumped.

i suck at embracing fall. i am a summer girl through and through. 

i suck at trusting that life is really working for me and not against me. I work on this every.single.day. 

And I leave you with one thing I used to suck at, that I’m getting pretty darn good at.